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The Tree of Kings is known to man as the mighty tree that have the ability to tell when the new King will be born. When a series of unfortunate events befell the heroes', they were pushed to a new world danger. The world is in peril as the God of Darkness expands his tendrils of shadow throughout the world. From an unknown child of man into a hero, these heroes must rise up and take arms to fight the growing evil.  

  • Follow the journey through the 3 chosen knights, each with their own way to fight
  • Fight various monsters and uncover their weaknesses!
  • Uncover the world's origin and story (currently just chapter 1 so, there's not much)
  • Never get lost with the help of the quest Logs!
  • Use wide range of skills and abilities (currently not that wide)
  • Meet friends along the way and fight with them (unimplemented)

------Notes from the dev---------

Currently the 1st chapter's story is done. So you can play it however you want.

There's an item in the game, instantly put in your inventory to tell you where to submit feedbacks and errors or even suggestion! 

I'll do my best and as fast as I can to fix the bugs errors and improve the game. 

Thank you for playing!

Install instructions

  1. Download the game
  2. Extract it using WinRAR or similar application
  3. Open the folders
  4. Launch the 'Game.exe'
  5. Enjoy!


Tree of Kings v.0.1.3 582 MB
Tree of Kings v.0.1.4 592 MB

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